Rainbow Bell Peppers

Sweet bell peppers are readily available in such a wide variety of beautiful colors: red, yellow, orange, purple, and of course, green. In just a few minutes, you can saute strips of them, add 3 spices and complement any meal, both visually and taste-wise.


6 bell peppers of various colors, cut into ½” wide strips
Salt, sugar and cayenne pepper

      The Recipe

In a large skillet, heat olive oil or butter, or a combination of the two and add strips of bell peppers. Cook over medium-high heat, not often stirring because you want to "brown" them a little. When fork tender, sprinkle lightly with salt, sugar and red cayenne pepper. The salt will bring up the flavor, the sugar will make the peppers seem sweeter than they are, and the cayenne will let you know they're there.  Serves 4 – 6.
Serving suggestions: Pile alongside roasted chicken, on top of grilled steak or pork, or as an accent to mashed potatoes, pasta or rice.



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