Cliffs of S'Mores

Inspired by the beautiful scenery of Western Ireland, I came up with the perfect Irish version of S'Mores.


For each S'More:

1 Guinness beer, room temperature

2 Digestive biscuits

Cadbury Milk Chocolate

1 large or two regular marshmallows


      The Recipe

Pour beer into a small saucepan and boil until it reduces to a syrup.

Skewer marshmallow on a stick and roast over the grill or a fire.  Place chocolate on one digestive biscuit and place on edge of grill for chocolate to soften.  Place roasted marshmallow on top of chocolate-topped biscuit.  Spoon Guinness reduction on top and then the second digestive biscuit.  Note:  You'll need one bottle of Guinness for each S'More.



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