Candy Bar Cocoa

Creamy hot chocolate featuring fine dark chocolate, real vanilla extract and soft whipped cream.


Milk (skim, whole, 2%, whatever you prefer)

Good quality dark chocolate (like Ghiradelli, Lindt..)

Heavy whipping cream + sugar

Real vanilla extract

Unsweetened cocoa powder

      The Recipe

For each mug of cocoa:

Measure how much milk you'll need by filling each mug 3/4 full and pour milk into saucepan.  Break up 1 1/2 ounces chocolate per serving, add to milk and warm over medium-low heat.

Meanwhile, whip 1/8 cup cream until soft peaks form.  Add 1 tablespoon sugar and whip in.

To serve:  Ladle cocoa into mugs, top with whipped cream and finish off with a dusting of powdered cocoa.



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