A Trio of Eggnog Recipes

Coffee Nog, Orange-Eggnog Punch and Russian Egg Nog.


Three of my favorite ways to serve eggnog.

      The Recipe

FOR COFFEE NOG:  Prepare coffee (French pressed, if possible). Squeeze lemon juice in a small bowl and mix together equal parts cinnamon and sugar in another small bowl.  Dip rim of coffee mug into lemon juice, then cinnamon sugar.  Pour two parts coffee and one part egg nog into mug (add a shot of bourbon if you like).  Top with whipped cream and dust with grated eggnog.

ORANGE EGGNOG PUNCH:  In a tall glass, pour two parts eggnog, one part orange juice and one part ginger ale (add white rum if you'd like).  Top with a dollop of whipped cream.  (Can also be made in a punch bowl).

RUSSIAN EGG NOG:  Pour one shot coffee liqueur and one shot vodka in an old-fashioned glass.  Top with egg nog and grated nutmeg. 



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