Nasturtium Ice Cubes

(Makes a drink a piece of art.)  One of the most popular edible flowers (it's actually an herb), nasturtiums like a sunny spot in the garden. They have very pretty lily pad like leaves with vividly colored 1" cup flowers that bloom all summer. They come in bright yellow and orange and red, and also sometimes you can find tangerine, cherry rose and buttercream. Their taste is buttery, slightly sweet with a hint of pepper. They originated in South America, are high in vitamin C, and even Monet had them in his garden in France. Make sure they aren't exposed to chemicals or pesticides.


12 nasturtium blossoms

      The Recipe

For each 12-cube ice cube tray:  Boil and cool the water first (to avoid clouding) before freezing.  Put a flower in each of the openings in several ice cube trays. Add water and freeze. They look fabulous in a vodka and tonic, or lemonade or a margarita.
Plus, plain old nasturtiums have a billion other uses:
-Place a few on the top of a green salad when company comes.
-Chop up a few and stir into oil and vinegar-type salad dressings like confetti.
-Place one on top of a dish of ice cream.
-Float a nasturtium in the top of a tropical creamy drink.
-Chop a few flowers and stir into cooked rice for a great side dish.
-Float a couple on the top of a bowl of summer soup.
-Chop and stir into scrambled eggs at the last minute.
-If you have a lot, make a chopped walnut/cream cheese and stuff them.



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