Just One Coconut

How to crack open a coconut - an annual tradition when I was growing up.  Plus, coconut recipe ideas.


One coconut

      The Recipe

Shake coconut to make sure there is coconut milk inside.  Pierce two of the three 'eyes' with a hammer and screwdriver.  Empty juice into a glass.  Wrap coconut in a towel and hit it hard several times with a hammer, turning once, until it cracks apart.  Peel the white meat off with a small, sharp knife.

Recipe notes:  Shred coconut meat with the shredder attachment of your food processor.  Spread on baking sheet at roast at 350degrees Farenheit for about 4 minutes, checking often, until lightly browned.  Sprinkle it on top of vanilla ice cream with hot fudge.  Also, you can marinate chicken in the coconut milk one hour, then bake in the milk, seasoning with salt and pepper.  Before serving, sprinkle roasted coconut flakes on top.



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