Disappearing Cheese and Crackers

It is rare to find a gathering where there isn't cheese and crackers, a staple of entertaining...but, doesn't it seem that they're the one thing that there is always leftovers of? This is my favorite cheese and cracker combination, and I find they disappear very quickly.


Good quality wheat or sesame crackers
Ripened Brie
Jalapeno jelly (sometimes called Hot Pepper Jelly)

      The Recipe

You don't have to assemble each one - let your guests make their own. Place the cheese on a pretty dish and put it in the microwave for 20 seconds, or until the cheese is slightly runny for better spreading. Then spoon the Jalapeno jelly on top (you can find it in upscale grocery stores) and arrange crackers around it. The bitter cheese with the sweet-hot jelly is a fabulous combination.



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