Eyeballs and Eggs

With just a touch of blood, a nicely gross hors d’oeuvre.


Hard-boiled eggs, peeled
Softened cream cheese (I use low-calorie)
Large stuffed green olives
Red food coloring

      The Recipe

Slice eggs in half as you would for deviled eggs. Remove yolks and save for another use*. Fill eggs with cream cheese. (Feel free to use some of those flavored cream cheeses). Bury an olive in the middle of the cream cheese, pimento side up. Note: You can also use almond-stuffed olives or even better, anchovy-stuffed olives (the black looks more like a pupil).
Finally, dip a toothpick into red food coloring and draw squiggly lines (blood vessels) in the cream cheese.
*Boil a few extra eggs for egg salad and add the extra yolks to it. Or, crumble egg yolks over steamed asparagus with freshly squeezed lemon.



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