Polenta Rounds

With Pesto and Shrimp
An elegant hors d'oeuvre with 3 ingredients.
Polenta is a staple of Northern Italy and is basically cornmeal mush, which can be served soft like mashed potatoes or firm, fried in slices with toppings.
There is a wonderful product available in most grocery stores: rolls of firm polenta, already cooked. Slice them, broil them and top them with a couple of ingredients and you have an impressive hors d'oeuvre for a party.


1 roll packaged polenta, 1 lb. 8 oz.
1 small jar prepared pesto
16 large cooked, peeled shrimp

      The Recipe

Preheat oven to broil. Slice polenta into rounds, about 1/3” thick. One package gives you about 16 slices. Arrange on baking sheet, brush both sides lightly with olive oil and broil until golden brown, turning once. The first side should take about 10 minutes to brown, the second side cooks in just a few minutes. (Polenta should be firm and easy to pick up without falling apart).
Top each slice with about ½ teaspoon of pesto and 1 cooked shrimp. Serve immediately. This recipe is easily doubled (or more).
Notes: The polenta rounds can be served at room temperature – they don't necessarily have to be warm. You can prepare the rounds ahead of time and refrigerate, and at the party, simple wrap rounds in a piece of heavy foil and heat in a hot oven for 5 minutes or so. Also, you can play around with the toppings – maybe a thick marinara sauce topped with half a meatball; or spinach dip topped with toasted pine nuts.



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