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No More Chicken Fingers!


by Robin Benzle


Dear Resturont peopel,


My name is Tiffany.  I am seven.  How are you?  I am not fine.  It is becaus I am sick of chicken fingers.  Everywar I go there are chicken fingers on the kid’s menu.  Sumtimes they are called chicken nuggets but I know they are just shourter chicken fingers.  Sumtimes you call them chicken planks but I know they are just longer chicken fingers.  One time my Aunt Sally took me to a Mexicen resturont and I got the Gringo Chicken Basket.  But you can not fool me.  They were reelly chicken fingers.


Another problem is with my Mom and Dad.  They are trying to teach me to eat healthy foods like bananas and yogert and salad and green beens.  I try to eat these a lot but sumtimes I go to Megan’s house and we hide in her clozet and eat all the Oreos.  But don’t tell my Mom.  But it is ok becaus I saw her eat a thousand hundred choclet candies one night when my Dad was at a bisness meeting.  But she didn’t see me.  She thought I was in bed but I was peeking from the stairs.  But don’t tell her.


Anyway, my teacher Miss Gurney tells us to be creativ and you are not being creativ.  I am sick of chicken fingers everywear I go.  Plus they are bad for you.  So maybe you can have some new things on your kid’s menu.  I woodn’t even care if they were a little good for you becus in case you didn’t know, it is important to teach me good eating habits when I am yung.


Thank you,



P.s.  I forgot to tell you I am sick of hot dogs and french fries and hamburgers and grilld cheese samwiches too.  My Dad calls them Brown Foud.




1.  You cud have spagetti and hide little tiny peeces of vegtubles in it so we wudn’t know.  I wud know but I wudn’t tell.

2.  You cud have Suprize Salad with a suprize like a toy at the very botom so I wud have to eat sum lettus and tomato and brocklie to get the suprize.  I promis I won’t cheet. But it is ok if I leave just 3 things on my plate.

3.  You cud have sum fruit becaus I like fruit and my Mom makes a fruit rainbo with red apples and green grapes and yellow banananas and orange oranges. With maybe sum peanut butter to dip with. I like crunchy.

4.  You cud have tomato soop with meatballs and noodles and carrets in it becaus you cudn’t see the carrets if you look at the soop becaus they are at the bottom and I wud eat sum by axident.  Megan says don’t forget salteens.

5.  You cud have Gobbely Gook like my Dad makes when he cleens out the frigerater.  It is reely chilli with beans and macarony but there are other things in there too.  I don’t know what they are.  One time there was corn.

6.  You cud have just plain scrambeld eggs.  Ther good.  And maybe sum pretzels with it and orang juice.  

7.  You cud have cucumbers and peanuts and strawberries and Swiss cheese and a little roll all on the same plate.  But not touching.  Oh, I forgot.  A giant pickel, too.

8.  You cud have my favorite samwich.  It is turky and mash potato.  But no kechup.

9.  You cud not have any kid’s menu and just throw it away and all the kids cud get something from the grown up menu only not so much.  Please don’t make it too expensiv becaus money dusn’t grow on trees.

10.  If you relly like chicken fingers so much, maybe insted of brown ones you cud have succulent strips of corn-fed free range chicken, grilled with a balsamic-lime zest wash on a bed of saffron-infused couscous with a side of roasted shallot tapenade.  Yummy! 



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