Award-Winning Mustard-Molasses Rib Sauce

(according to my family, that is.)  Stir together 4 ingredients and you're done. Also good for barbecuing chicken and pork chops.


1/2 cup molasses
1/2 cup grainy brown mustard
1/4 cup cream (heavy or light)
1 tablespoon coarsely ground black pepper


Whisk ingredients together in a small bowl. This is enough for several slabs of ribs or a pan full of chicken. I always brush a little sauce on the pre-cooked ribs as soon as they go on the grill and then a heavy dose of sauce right at the end. Any leftover sauce can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 10 days.
Tips on ribs: Since I don't have a professional smoker (which is the ultimate way to cook ribs), I precook them in the oven as follows:
Place baby-back (or other cuts) ribs in roasting pan, pour 1 beer over, cover with heavy foil and bake 1 hour at 375 degrees. Then, brown 'em and sauce 'em on a hot grill.