Finger Sandwiches that Look Like Fingers

Hilarious video of kids just being themselves.  Join me, along with Olivia and Abigail (ages 3 and 6) in their Aspen, Colorado kitchen as we prepare an appetizer with a sense of humor.  Bonus:  They'll teach you the magic fingers trick.


Cheap white bread slices

Finely chopped egg, chicken or tuna salad

Softened butter

Red radishes


Cut the crusts off bread (you can do several at a time).  Flatten bread with a rolling pin.  Put a thin stripe of softened butter along one edge to act like glue.  Put a 1/2" thick line of egg salad along the opposite side and roll up firmly.  Pinch one end of the rolled sandwich closed, rounding it off so it looks like the end of a finger.

Cut thin slices of red radish to resemble fingernails.  Put a dab of butter on one end of the rolled sandwich, and adhere radish slice.  Arrange on a platter.