Mucho Healthy Mexican Pepita Dip

A roasted pepita (pumpkin seed) dip inspired by a trip to Merida, Mexico.


1 1/2 cups pepita nuts (the green inside kernals of pumpkin seeds)

1/2 teaspoon salt

1/4 (or more) teaspoon cayenne pepper

1 - 2 teaspoons ground coriander

3 tablespoons tomato paste

Juice of 1/2 lime

about 3/4 cup water


Place pepita nuts in a medium saucepan and dry roast over a medium heat, stirring until lightly browned and nuts begin to pop like popcorn.  Let cool slightly.


In a coffee grinder, grind pepitas in batches until it's a coarse powder.  Transfer to a medium bowl.

Add spices, tomato paste and lime and mix well.  Stir in water until it's the consistency of hummus.  Serve at room temperature with slices of colorful bell peppers or baby carrots or tortilla chips.  Store in refrigerator for up to a week.