Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire

An old family tradition.


1 1/2 pound chestnuts

Melted butter and salt (optional)


First you need a grilling basket with a long handle and a top.  They have chestnut roasting baskets available.  Otherwise, you can use a vegetable grilling basket and if it doesn't have a top, use heavy tin foil and punch holes in it.

Get a good fire going until there is a nice bed of hot embers.  With a small, serrated knife, cut an "x" into each chestnut (otherwise they'll explode).  I put them on s small towel so they won't slide around.  Place them in the roasting basket and cook them over the fire, shaking frequently like popcorn.  It will take about 15 - 20 minutes for them to roast, depending on the heat of the fire.  The skins will blacken.

Empty basket into the towel, roll up and squeeze to help remove skins.  Peel away and eat as is, or dip each one in melted butter and a hint of salt, like my father used to.