Cake on the Grill

Warm pound cake with a crunchy Kahlua crust and French pressed coffee.  Join me in the garden with my best cooking buddy, Elizabeth.


1 loaf pound cake

Kahlua (or other liqueour like Amaretto or Frangelica)

Vanilla ice cream


For Cake on the Grill:


Slice pound cake into 1/2" thick pieces.  Soak each slice with Kahlua, turning to coat.  Make sure the grill is clean!  Place on grill and cook until crusted and grill marks appear, turning once.  Serve warm with a scoop of ice cream.


For French press coffee:


Place three scoops quality coffee (medium to coarse grind) in bottom of French press.  Pour boiling water over, place top on with the plunger up and let steep for five minutes.  Slowly press the plunger down and pour coffee, adding one teaspoon brown sugar per cup.  Top with soft, unsweetened whipped cream.  Serves 3 - 4.