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Delicious and healthy video recipes from Robin Check out some of our truly unique ideas, like bison burgers, quail eggs, mouth watering bruschetta, canellini dip, foie gras and triple pepper cajun shrimp.

Pureed asparagus soup made creamy with yogurt.


Half skillet-fried chicken, half chicken stew dotted with colorful vegetables and simmered in beer until it falls off the bone.


Bacon, leek and tomato in a light cream, herb stock.


A rich, creamy brown ale soup inspired by a trip to Romania


A delightful brown ale soup inspired by a trip to Romania.


In the far north of Portugal, the landscape is green and mountainous with deep valleys dotted with red-tile roofed villages. Beautiful rivers weave through the valleys and terra...


A visit to the oyster capital of France - and a delicious, creamy oyster chowder with lots of corn.


A visit to the oyster capital of France, and a creamy, soothing chowder.


Healthy, colorful and enhanced with cloves and orange juice.  Only 5 ingredients.


Who says beef must always be paired with red wine?  A simple, garlicy beef and potato stew simmered in cheap white wine.


Fancy Five Star Chili.  Tender pieces of beef sirloin and creamy cannelini beans simmered in red wine and beef stock with just the right seasonings.


Fancy Five Star Chili.  Tender pieces of sirloin and creamy cannelini beans cimmered in red wine and beef stock with just the right seasonings.


A delicious, soothing soup with lots of nutmeg.


A delilcious, soothing soup with lots of nutmeg.


The mushroom soup!  Creamy, with rich and deep flavor.


Comforting, creamy cremini soup with almonds, herbs and spices.


A great combination of creamy with a rich and deep flavor.


A pot full of healthy and hearty root vegetables with a sinful splash of cream.


Vibrant, healthy - and there's no cream in it!


Vibrant, healthy and very green.


A savory soup brimming with chopped eggs.


Join me and my friend Dominique in her St. Barth kitchen as she prepares a disgusting meal I have no desire to try.


Red wine-poached meatballs in a savory macaroni soup - and you don't have to roll the meatballs!


Simmered in beer and orange juice with warm spices and served with brown rice and avocado garnish.


Exotic, rich, delicious and a little different.


Exotic, rich and delicious.


Creamy corn and potato chowder loaded with tender shrimp.


Brimming with shrimp, cod and mussels - in a creamy, savory broth.


Brimming with shrimp, cod and mussels, I learned how to  make the best chowder I've ever had in a small Irish fishing village.


A visit to this historic fishing village and a savory chowder brimming with cod, shrimp and mussels in a creamy broth.


It's the smallest town in the world!  Meet Alexandar, owner of Hum's only restaurant.  He shares an old, traditional recipe.


From the smallest town in the world!  A traditional farmer's dish to be shared with good friends.


Goat is eaten regularly in the Caribbean, South America, Europe and the Middle East, and yet Americans rarely think of preparing it. If you feel like being a little adventuresom...


Broccoli is one of the miracle foods - one of the healthiest things you can put in your body. Here's a delicious way to disguise it for kids and former presidents:


An easy version of this spicy New Orleans classic featuring shrimp and Andouille sausage.


A comfort food from his youth, my husband loves canned tomato soup. I don't. I think it tastes more like a can than it does soup. So, I decided to come up with my own version, a...


I’ve jazzed up the classic French onion soup with a touch of tomato and tiny oregano meatballs.


Especially comforting on a crummy day.


Simple and comforting on a rainy day.


A visit to Lexington's Keeneland Thoroughbred Racetrack and a Kentucky recipe that dates back to before the Civil War.


Creamy, delicious tomato soup thickened with mashed potatoes and topped with Parmesan cheese.  Only 6 ingredients!


Savory, hearty and healthy, featuring carrots, potatoes, apples and exotic spices.


A savory, traditional 16th century soup from the Yucatan peninsula.



My 6-year old granddaughter shows me how to make her fantastic, flavorful black bean soup.


The national soup of Portugal is a simple, satisfying thick potato soup with wilted spinach.


Live from a stunning manor house in Northern Portugal - a very traditional stew.


Tender chunks of pork and potato seasoned with cumin and lemon and simmered in white wine.


A comforting vegetarian soup featuring tiny parsley potato dumplings.


Giant rain storm, comforting soup!


Warm, creamy roasted red bell pepper soup for a rainy day.


Warm, creamy soup for a rainy day.


A patriotic take on an American classic featuring red tomatoes, white cannellini beans and blue cheese.


Warm a handful of ingredients in a pot and you're done!


...along with Potato Dumplings.  But I must call a plumber immediately!


Paula Deen's baby brother spills the beans on oysters, family and food - and offers up a delicious recipe for a traditional Low Country Boil (a big pot of steamed corn, pot...


Savory, slow-cooked venison stew with potato dumplings.



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