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Delicious and healthy video recipes from Robin Benzle.com. Check out some of our truly unique ideas, like bison burgers, quail eggs, mouth watering bruschetta, canellini dip, foie gras and triple pepper cajun shrimp.

France’s finest sandwich.  The Croque Monsieur, or the French version of the ham and cheese sandwich, was first introduced in a Paris café in 1910. You can sti...


A simple homemade pizza featuring a buttery, puff pastry crust and fried duck eggs.


How to crack open a coconut - an annual tradition when I was growing up.


How to crack open a coconut - an annual tradition when I was growing up.  Plus, coconut recipe ideas.


This vegetarian dish features them as the main course instead of a side dish.


Three ingredients!  When your husband is a grilled cheese fanatic, you make him a great one.


Is there anything cuter than a sweet 4 year old teaching a cranky 97 year old how to make a PBJ?


A four-year old gives a 97-year old a cooking lesson on how to make a gourmet peanut butter and jelly sandwich.


(Makes a drink a piece of art.)  One of the most popular edible flowers (it's actually an herb), nasturtiums like a sunny spot in the garden. They have very pretty lily pad...


My friend Bill Repp invited me over for a most unusual two-course meal:  Pan-fried garlic bread with herbs and homemade chocolate malteds.


Miniature eggs.


Crunchy on the outside, soft in the center - filled with pesto, cheese and tomatoes.



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