Bread Basket
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Delicious and healthy video recipes from Robin Check out some of our truly unique ideas, like bison burgers, quail eggs, mouth watering bruschetta, canellini dip, foie gras and triple pepper cajun shrimp.

French bread with tomato-Brie butter, baked to a golden brown with a totally distracting kitten. 


Your guests will think you burned the garlic bread!  An exciting way to serve garlic bread.


Sweet Hawaiian Rolls with a crunchy Walnut Panko crust.


A cousin to souffle, this moist, light as a feather cornbread takes just minutes to make.


Half cornbread, half cake, insanely moist.


Three easy recipes using cheap, white bread:  Rolled Sandwiches, Cheesy Dough Balls, Scrambled Egg Cupcakes.


Crispy potato pancakes instead of bread.



 This savory combination of flavors hits the spot. The secret ingredient? ...Sherry.

        Cremini mushrooms sauteed in Marsala wine and topped off with a lovely smoked cheese makes for a delicious dinner, side-dish or even an appetizer.


Cremini mushrooms, sauteed in Marsala wine make the filling for this delicious bread that can be used as a side for dinner - or cut into strips for an appetizer.


My husband's latest, favorite corn muffin recipe.


Buttery, cheesy puffs of eggy rolls.


Buttery, cheesey puffs of eggy rolls.


A traditional recipe from this tiny island.  Can be stuffed with anything, sweet or savory.


A thick slice of Italian bread, spread with a flavorful tuna paste inspired by an ancient fish sauce called garum.


An authentic American cowboy dish.  Sourdough bread topped with tender onions, tomatos and brown sugar.


The best cornbread mix in the world is good old Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix.  Try it with pumpkin.


A super moist treat for Fall.


Baking powder biscuits that look like rocks.


Rich, dense and moist Cheddar cheese cornbread.


A crusty loaf of Italian bread, drenched with tarragon-garlic butter, stuffed with Swiss cheese and baked until golden.


A visit to the village of Zuoz, Switzerland and a Swiss Cheese, Tarragon, Garlic stuffed bread.


Thick slices of rustic Italian bread, grilled and drizzled with fine olive oil and coarse sea salt.  The perfect accompanyment to a glass of wine.  It reminds me of a ...



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