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Delicious and healthy video recipes from Robin Benzle.com. Check out some of our truly unique ideas, like bison burgers, quail eggs, mouth watering bruschetta, canellini dip, foie gras and triple pepper cajun shrimp.

 Grapefruit, garlic and fresh cilantro leaves combine for a tasty topping for grilled salmon.


I learned so much about lobsters - and insider tips on how to cook them!


Tips on cooking lobster from a New England lobsterman!


Because you're worth it!


Alcatraz served the best food of any Federal prison.  Here is a favorite of the convicts.


Alcatraz served the best food of any Federal prison.  Here was a favorite of the convicts.


Crispy, fried perch coated in almond slices and drizzled with a balsamic reduction sauce.


A beautiful oven-roasted fillet with a crunchy sweet and tart sauce.


The great thing about salmon is that it is one of the healthiest
fish you can eat - high in protein, a rich source of Vitamin A and the B group vitamins and it also has the...


Crispy bacon-wrapped Trout on a Stick with a mustard-garlic glaze.


Crispy Bacon-Wrapped Trout with a Mustard-Garlic Glaze


A delicious, healthy main course meal.


Sweet mussels in a sherry-garlic-butter sauce.  Only five minutes to make!


South Carolina taught me about the classic Southern vinegar-marinated dish that I am totally addicted to.


A fabulous flavor combination!


I love catfish because it's such a mild, flaky white fish. Usually I season it and broil it, but every once in a while I like to splurge and pan-fry it with a coating. The combi...


Crispy battered shrimp with a delicious dipping sauce.


Grilled Peel and Eat Jumbo Shrimip bathed in mustard butter and accompanied by salty, crispy Tuscan toast.


Fresh trout, oven-roasted on a bed of bacon with lots of lemon and potatoes.  Just like I had in that pub in the Cotswolds.


I was sitting in a beer garden in Munich and there was this guy grilling whole fish on sticks over a charcoal fire. It was crispy and wonderful and inspired this dish. Instead o...


A fun romp with the weirdly lovable Delmar at his fishing lodge - and a mouth-watering Buttermilk-Pecan fried fish.


A delicious dish from a beautiful place.


Pan-seared scallops with white wine over a bed of creamy Parmesan-herb polenta and frizzled Proscuitto.


Pan-seared scallops with white wine over creamy Parmesan Polenta.


Pan-seared Scallops with white wine over a bed of creamy Parmesan-herb polenta and drizzled Proscuitto.


In the beautiful kitchen of Villa Bongo Bongo, I prepare a tropical inspired pasta dish featuring fish with a tasty rum reduction sauce.


A fairy tale village, a tiny restaurant and a melt-in-your mouth fish dish.


A peek at the amazing wildlife of the Galapagos Islands and a recipe for the best ceviche I've ever eaten, courtesy of the boat's Chef Wellington.


 The combination of shrimp, grapefruit, shallots and rosemary is wonderful - and this dish takes just a handful of minutes.


My all time favorite sandwich on my new favorite bread.


Crispy beer batter surrounds a melt-in-your mouth fried cod.


Salmon is one of my top ten foods. I could eat it nearly as often as chicken. I prefer the big fillets rather than the steaks with the center bone - I think you get more bang fo...


Quick, healthy and only four ingredients.  With music by Pat Dailey.


 Tilapia has been around for centuries but has just gained popularity in America recently. It is native to Africa, but is a great fish to farm raise. Last year, 1 billion p...


 I've learned so much about cooking pasta dishes from Italians. They make very simple dishes, only a few ingredients, and they taste great. In Italy, they believe that the ...


A glimpse of the wonders of the Galapagos and Chef Wellington's (of the ship M/V Evolution) recipe for the best ceviche I've ever eaten.


Scenes from an amazing part of the world - and the best ceviche ever!


 Whether you're celebrating a special event, or whether you're just celebrating the fact that it's a Tuesday night, lobster tails are the ultimate splurge - so I figured wh...


Grilled swordfish topped with a Caribbean-inspired spicy mango sauce.


A clean out the refrigerator recipe using margarita mix for an amazing glaze for mahi mahi.


You'll get a lot of ooo's and ahhh's with this one. Make sure the marigolds you use haven't been treated with anything toxic.


Roasted with lemons and topped with a flavor-packed crust.


A delicious 4-ingredient recipe for mint pesto tossed with pan-cooked shrimp.


Such a lovely marriage of flavors.


Firey hot, addicting, delicious.  Inspired by Chef Paul Prudhomme.


A great recipe from the Old South (the cameraman really got into it).


Mouth-watering fillets of fish dipped in buttermilk, coated in pecans and fried in a pan.


 If you've ever been to Baltimore or maybe down South and enjoyed a fried soft shell crab sandwich, you'll know what I'm talking about. You eat the whole crab, claws and al...


There’s nothing like garden-fresh pesto tossed with hot pasta, sautéed shrimp and cherry tomatoes. You can buy already made pesto in grocery stores, but it’s ...


Skillet-fried perch with a popcorn crust.
It's perch season and I can't eat perch any other way than breading it and frying it up. This time, I tried a


Fillets poached in orange butter and served on croissants with chili mayonnaise.


Orange roughy, if you haven't had it, is a lovely mild white fish from New Zealand that's become very popular in the U.S. It is also known as "Slimehead" (really), which I love ...


A very healthy stir-fry with a vegetable you may be trying for the first time.  My daughter Bailey introduced me to edamame, which is a highly nutritious vegetable eaten mo...


Elegant, impressive - and easy.


Wine and Orange poached salmon with toasted pecans on a bed of spicy mashed potatoes.


Salmon steaks burried in a paprika-sour cream sauce and dotted with scallions and green pepper.


White wine-poached salmon fillet smothered in a decadent sauce.


The classic Bearnaise, enhanced with orange.  On fish instead of steak.


Live from Amelia Island, Florida.  An ancient and three-ingredient recipe for whole fish that is the most succulent way to prepare it.


Oven-broiled walleye topped with a crunchy, cheesy coating.


Broiled walleye fillet enhanced with bacon and white wine and a delicious crust.


A lovely dish on a bed of quinoa


Spicy-seared Mahi Mahi tossed with seashell pasta in a tropical rum sauce.


Sauteed shrimp with lots of lemon, soy, sherry and garlic over a bed of savory ginger rice.


Live from Charleston, South Carolina!  Our version of The (not so) Deadliest Catch.  Join my daughter Bailey and me onboard the 68-foot shrimp trawler 'Winds of F...


A visit to Lake Bohinj, Slovania in the Julian Alps; a rustic, local recipe; and a gondola ride down a mountain.


A visit to Lake Bohinj, Slovenia in the Julian Alps - a rustic local recipe - and a gondola ride down a mountain.


A smoked paprika spice mixture seared onto tuna steaks and topped with a refreshing sour cream butter.


Pan-fried catfish smothered in a pepper-onion-sour cream sauce.


Skillet cooked fish smothered in artichokes and enhanced with the world's most expensive spice.


It's tough to find a restaurant or bar in Southern Spain without these on the menu.  Pan-cooked with sherry and smoked paprika.


Upscale grocery stores will carry bottled hot sesame oil, which is so savory, I could drink it like a beverage.


Pan-fried red snapper fillets with a tropical coconut-lime-pepper sauce.


A flavor-packed bowl of seafood stew over rice.


Hot and spicy peel and eat shrimp just like you'd find in New Orleans.


The perfect splurge.  Because you're worth it.


Broiled White Fish topped with a delicate Vanilla-Orange Sauce that would impress royalty.


An Atlantic salmon fillet, oven-poached in lime juice with a walnut-brown sugar crust.


A main course salad that's light and filling at the same time.



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