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Delicious and healthy video recipes from Robin Benzle.com. Check out some of our truly unique ideas, like bison burgers, quail eggs, mouth watering bruschetta, canellini dip, foie gras and triple pepper cajun shrimp.

Salty, sweet, peppery, savory - it has it all!


A salty roasted bird with a bright sauce from the past. 


Grilled chicken breasts basted with a delicious glaze featuring orange bitters.


Grilled chicken breasts with a molasses glaze.


with an Almond-Parmesan Crust


I love playing with wings.  Here's my latest.


in a Gorgonzola Sauce


Wings, without the bones.


Sometimes mistakes have very happy outcomes.


Grilled chicken with a delicious sauce made from the Italian liqueur, Campari


Only 4 ingredients!  Tenderloins of chicken roasted in garlic, lime and cayenne.


All it takes is a few ingredients for this elegant dish.  Goes well with a little classical piano.


Grilled chicken topped with a creamy cherry puree with a bit of a kick.


If you love Caesar salad and you love chicken - then by all means, make this.


Don't worry, it's not a complicated recipe - I just made up that meaningless name for fun. Warmed flour tortillas filled with tasty chicken. A touch of Mexico for a casual dinne...


I think often about the people of Afghanistan who are anti-Taliban, especially when women had no rights. In better days, the traditional diet of the Afghans would include much t...


Grilled, vinegar-jalepeno-onion marinated chicken from the famous 'Chicken Lady' of San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua.


Chicken and mushrooms cooked in Marsala wine is a beautiful marriage that only takes a short time to prepare.  I don’t care for Marsala wine on its own, but I love to...


A mixture of savory spices, seared onto pieces of chicken, then simmered in white wine.


To get you in the mood, I take you to the amazing world famous Marchfelderhof Restaurant in Vienna, Austria (known for their schnitzel).


Tasty, simple and healthy.  I make this often.


A classic Provence recipe enhanced with Cognac and one more clove of garlic.


Baked acorn squash filled with a savory chicken mixture and topped with a brown sugar crust. Tastes like Autumn.


Spicy, creamy and tart.  Two recipes in one!


A simple, savory skillet dish of chicken chunks simmered in a garlic-soy sauce, sherry sauce.


All the flavors of a clambake in one pan.  Roasted chicken in clam juice with chopped clams and potatoes.


An easy way to jazz up boneless chicken breasts for the Fall season.  Good enough for gourmet guests.


A 6-ingredient flavor-packed barbecue sauce inspired by my cream sauce-loving husband.


Tender, roasted duck legs with herbs de Provence and cloves. 


I had a variation of this sandwich at a restaurant recently, and I thought it was one of the best sandwiches I'd ever tasted.  Have it for dinner with potato chips and a si...


Watch him put together a Chicken and Broccoli Stir Fry with Cashews!


Watch him whip up a Chicken and Broccoli Stir Fry with Cashews!


A visit to Ecuador, where I learned how to make this amazing rice dish.


A simple dish from Ecuador - featuring the best rice I've ever eaten.


Chicken thighs with a thyme-flour crust, simmered in grape juice.  From the Bordeaux region of France


A tour of the most remote island in the British Virgin Islands - and my take on a local favorite (with a little help from my 22-month old granddaughter).


Lovely to look at, delicious, healthy and a cinch to make.


Split Cornish Game Hens on the grill with a hot pepper jelly glaze - and the strangest dinner guest ever!


My feta-addicted husband loves it.


This sauce is fabulous on just about everything!


Herb-roasted Cornish Game Hens with a Maple-Mustard-Cherry Glaze.


Three ingredients make for a great chicken - and you can never have too many chicken recipes.


The combination of fiery chili oil, tart limes and creamy cheese will wake up all your tastebuds.


Chunks of pan-cooked chicken in a savory yogurt sauce, topped with a spicy cauliflower crumble.


Flattened pieces of boneless chicken breast dipped in a tart egg batter and fried to a golden brown.


Creamy chicken encased in dough and topped with Cheddar sauce.  Very difficult to make.


Creamy chicken encased in dough and topped with Cheddar sauce.  Delicious.  And that's the truth.


A tour of the world-famous Marchfelderhof Restaurant in Vienna, Austria - and an easy recipe for Chicken Schnitzel.


When the family asks what's for dinner, you can say 'wing', because one turkey wing per person makes a fine dinner, accompanied by a big, green salad.


Roasted chicken topped with a rich, brown sauce inspired by traditional Mexican mole sauce - only 6 ingredients!


It looks blackened and glossy and very cool.


My husband requested this five days after I made it for the first time.  It's that good!


A little mustard, a little garlic, a sprinkling of tomato; a nice oven meal.


 Cornish Game Hens are cute and elegant to serve, especially when company comes, and the meat is so sweet. All it takes is two ingredients to make a delicious glaze.


Something a little different to serve at your next gathering.


Crispy, tender and inspired by the best chicken fryers in the world.


Fresh orange juice and cayenne pepper – lovely to look at, delicious to taste.


Grilled wings with a sweet and spicy sauce.


Persimmons are a winter fruit and perfect for holiday entertaining. They're a thin-skinned beautiful orange-red color, about the size of an apple. They're rich and sweet with a ...


Grilled chicken topped with a sweet and spicy pineapple sauce.


A medley of warm spices seared onto grilled chicken wings and topped with a soothing tomato butter spread.


Brined, buttered and roasted.  A real treat!


Scenes from Portugal - Chicken Thighs marinated in Port Wine spice mixture, grilled and topped with chopped olives.


Inspired by travels to Portugal - chicken thighs marinated in Port wine, garlic and cumin, grilled and topped with chopped olives.


Beautiful scenes from Portugal - and Chicken Thighs marinated in a Port Wine Spice Mixture, grilled and topped with chopped olives.


What a great taste combination!  And, it's ridiculously easy to make.


Roll up your sleeves!  When you put this flavored butter under the skin of the turkey, it cooks down into the meat.  I don’t make turkeys any other way.  Wi...


My latest invention was a smash hit!


An absolute home run!


A blending of Indian-inspired spices form a delicious crust to turn everyday chicken into an exotic dish.


A savory Asian skillet dinner.


Crispy on the outside, moist and juicy on the inside - with a perfect bitter orange sauce.


A little sweet, a little hot, a little smoky.


An accidental barbecue sauce I came up with in St. Barths for a family dinner.


An Indian-inspired chicken dish with savory spices in a yogurt sauce with toasted almonds.


The first meal Eric made for me.  So fabulous, we only make it every couple of years.


A unique way to make wings using a classic dressing.


Oven-baked thighs with a fiery hot breading topped with a soothing Parmesan sauce.


It'll put hair on your chest.


A great way to make those end of the season zucchini in your garden exciting.


From Istanbul!  Roasted chicken breasts with a Tomato-Cinnamon Crust on a bed of Saffron Potatoes.


A visit to a 17th century Turkish spice market and a wonderful roasted chicken dish with a tomato-cinnamon crust on a bed of Saffron potatoes.


Straight from Istanbul!  Roasted chicken with a delicious tomato-cinnamon topping served over a bed of savory saffron potatoes.


It might sound weird, but trust me, it's fabulous!


It might sound weird, but trust me, it's fabulous!



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