Eat Your Veggies and Other Side Dishes
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Delicious and healthy video recipes from Robin Check out some of our truly unique ideas, like bison burgers, quail eggs, mouth watering bruschetta, canellini dip, foie gras and triple pepper cajun shrimp.

Yukon gold potatoes, brilliant orange bell peppers and sweet Vidalia onions make a delicious trio of taste, enhanced by a wonderful spice called turmeric.  Cooked in a gril...


Amish country in the Fall is the perfect time of year to visit - harvest season.  Vegetable stands are brimming with potatoes and squash and late summer corn and eggplant; ...


Creamy, cinnamony casserole-style potatoes


A great combination with the perfect glaze.


A great combination with the perfect glaze!


Simmered in white wine and topped with toasted almond slivers.


With a Lemon-Cayenne Dipping Sauce.  Addicting and beautiful!


A dramatic presentation, complete with Lemon-Cayenne Sauce.


A dramatic presentation, complete with Lemon-Cayenne Sauce


Sweet and salty and great with a grilled pork chop or chicken.


An extra easy recipe for thick slices of tomato drizzled with warm, sweet, browned garlic butter.


A successful accident in the kitchen.  I thought my brown sugar roasted carrots were a failure because I burned them a little, but as it turned out, the brown sugar was act...


A new way to serve cauliflower: mashed like potatoes and flavored with mustard and fresh dill.


A creamy, cheesy cauliflower puree with nutmeg.


Steamed whole cauliflower with a tasty breadcrumb coiffure.


A tasty casserole with veggies and chunks of cornbread.  The dill makes it.


I was looking for new ways to use the mint that I can't seem to kill off in my garden and was pleasantly surprised at how good the combination of broiled tomatoes with a lemon-m...


Also known as Chinese vermicelli, it is used in many Asian dishes. It typically comes in dried bricks, about 11 ounces worth, and can be purchased in Asian markets and upscale g...


There is a wonderful spice you can buy in the grocery store called ‘Chinese Five Spice’. It’s been around for many centuries and it contains the five major spi...


Make delicious and easy to make green beans.


One of the oldest foods known to man.  I had never before tried millet until now. I always thought it was something you threw on the bird feeder for the birds. What's inter...


Warning!  To be eaten once every five years.  Have a cardiologist present.


One last splurge before the diet.  Features bacon, butter, eggs, cream, cheese...


Whole, steamed cauliflower doused with a touch of the tropics.


Delicious recipes for Caramel Corn on the Cob and Italian Corn on the Cob - plus, the easiest and best way to prepare corn (no shucking required).


Pan-fried fresh corn off the cob, crackled in bacon with pepper and cheese.  Only 4 ingredients.


A side dish with a sweet tooth.


A fabulous side dish for almost everything!


A fabulous side dish for almost any meal.


A frequent request around here.


Simply totally addicting!


Golden, puffy and eggy.  A delicdious side dish that won't make you gag like when you were a kid.


Golden, puffy and eggy.  A delicious spinach side dish that won't make you gag like when you were a kid.


I never cared much for baked beans - until now.


The most amazing side dish I ate in Ecuador.  Goes with anything (especially pork).


The most amazing side dish I ate in Ecuador.  Goes with everything!


What was once garbage is now a delicious treat around our house.  Crispy, oven-roasted potato peels with herbs and cheese.


King Louis XIV of France loved asparagus.  I think he would love this recipe!


King Louis XIV loved asparagus.  I made this for him.


Layers of mashed carrots, onion, red bell pepper and tons of shredded Cheddar.


I’m sitting in a tiny, wood-floored café in front of a crackling fire, watching the wind whip across the mountains…


Taking celery to a whole new level.


The French version of Italian pesto - stuffed into twice-baked potatoes.


Pan-fried slices of green tomatoes with brown sugar and cream.


Vine-ripened tomatoes fried in butter with a crunchy nut and cheese coating.


Vine-ripened tomatoes coated in Parmesan cheese and almonds and fried in butter (perfect with a grilled steak).


Special guest David Henry shares his family recipe for delicious collard greens.


I never liked this slimy, much maligned vegetable - until now.


My husband eats just about anything but he's always said he's not crazy about I never buy it. Well, I saw an absolutely beautiful, shiny deep purple eggplant at th...


Traveling in India taught me that cauliflower doesn't have to be boring.  Pan-cooked with savory spices and tomato-almond paste.


A fantastic way to make bland cauliflower amazing.


Oven-roasted with the perfect Yogurt-Mango Chutney Sauce.


A rich and creamy (and beautiful) cherry tomato pie with sauteed onions.


Only three ingredients and as addicting as potato chips.


How to turn crummy nectarines into a delicious side dish.


I grew up eating artichokes.  Here are a few tips.


A bevy of colorful vegetables, grated and cooked in a skillet just like hash browns.


 The bad news is, I stole this recipe. The good news is, it's my daughter's. How rewarding it is for a parent when their child shows a creative interest in food! Bailey whi...


My 3-year old granddaughter shows me the ropes on how to use a spiralizer.


A centuries old Northern Irish recipe for a delicious way to make mashed potatoes.


My son-in-law is from Northern Ireland and turned me onto this simple, but absolutely delicious way to prepare mashed potatoes.


For all you beet freaks out there.


For all the beet freaks!  Beautiful, highly nutritious and easy.


A use for balsamic vinegar other than salads.


Tomatoes are one of the miracle foods health-wise and while waiting for your summer garden tomatoes, this is a good recipe for average quality tomatoes


Crispy, fried Mashed Potato-Cottage Cheese Cakes embedded with scallions.  With a special guest.


Crispy, fried Mashed Potato Cakes embedded with scallions and peanuts.


Who knew you could pair spicy, hot pepper with sweet, ripe peaches.  Wait until you try it.


High up in the Andes Mountains in Peru, they make a potato pie featuring layers of mashed potatoes, tomatoes and cheese with a golden egg topping.  I just think it's a uniq...


Oven roasted with a drizzle  of tomato butter and a topping of crushed pork rinds.


Big old earthy Portabello mushrooms can be like small plates to hold something nice and light in. How about a mound of creamy, lemony rice topped with a thin slice of Swiss or G...


A nutty, delicious, healthy side dish.


Sweet bell peppers are readily available in such a wide variety of beautiful colors: red, yellow, orange, purple, and of course, green. In just a few minutes, you can saute stri...


Toasted brown rice with lots of roasted nuts and dried currants.


The only time I'd ever had fennel was in a salad, so I decided to do like the Italians do and roast it.  Fennel bulbs look like large, white onions attached to celery-like ...


From a villa in the South of France, Roasted Gold Potatoes with tuna, tomatoes and chopped eggs.


Inspired by a meal in Bucharest, this is the best sauerkraut I've ever tasted.  Enhanced with bacon and apple juice and lots of black pepper, it's very easy to prepare.


Only 4 ingredients!  Layers of potato, tomatoes, onions and Irish Cheddar cheese.


A unique and very tasty combination from Northern Slovenia.


A tasty combination from Northern Slovenia.


Only two ingredients make for a great base recipe to play with. The idea of roasting the tomatoes in a slow oven for a long period of time intensifies the flavor.


I love spaghetti squash and I love spaghetti.  Put them together with some tasty goodies and you've got a winner.


Much like a vegetarian paella.


The ultimate comfort food, enhanced with Manchego cheese, saffron, Spanish smoked paprika, sherry...


A unique version of the ultimate comfort food.


Tender, steamed Brussels Sprouts finished off in a pan with hot chili oil, salty toasted almonds and shaved Parmesan cheese.


Spaghetti squash with a creamy two-cheese sauce. Spaghetti squash, a native American food, is an amazing piece of nature:  an oblong yellow mild squash that when cooke...


This is such a pretty dish – roasted bright red bell peppers stuffed with pieces of orange bell pepper, garlic and smoked mozzarella cheese.


A riot of grilled yellow vegetables, tossed with tumeric


Grilled, rolled in smoked molasses butter and sprinkled with crumbled bacon.


A visit to the smallest village in Switzerland (population 17) inspired this belly-warming dish.


A visit to ancient Corripo, the smallest village in Switzerland inspired this rich dish.


My daughter Erin joins me in the kitchen to prepare a one-dish meal featuring 'miniature trees', ground sirloin and gooey cheese.  A great way to get lots of broccoli into ...


A stack of tomato slices layered with an assortment of goodies.


A delicious combination of pan-cooked plantains and tomatoes simmered in tropical juices.


Whole roasted, healthy onions. Isn't it funny how when all you're doing is cooking onions and everyone stops in the kitchen and says, 'Mmm, that smells wonderful - what are you ...


A parsnip is a root vegetable that looks like a fat, white carrot. Europeans (the British liked them, the French didn't) brought parsnips to the U.S. in the early 1600's and wer...


Main course baked potatoes that I learned how to make in a tiny pub in England.


Creamy, spicy mushrooms with a thousand uses.


Inspired by a trip to South Africa, grill-roasted corn on the cob rolled in garlic-hot pepper butter and crushed peanuts



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