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Delicious and healthy video recipes from Robin Check out some of our truly unique ideas, like bison burgers, quail eggs, mouth watering bruschetta, canellini dip, foie gras and triple pepper cajun shrimp.

Award-winning Black Pepper-Crusted Whiskey Pork Chops topped with Molasses-Lemon Butter


Pork loin ribs oven-poached in apple cider vinegar and white wine and finished off with apple butter barbecue sauce.


I love the smell of roasting pork in the fall. Stuffing a pork tenderloin with creamy Gorgonzola cheese and roasting it in white wine and apricot nectar couldn't be easier. Whet...


A fantastic pork dish using only three ingredients.


A German friend told me I make bratwurst better than his grandmother, so I'm sharing it..


Healthy and delicious bison burgers dressed to perfection.


My famous mushroom and onion stuffed burgers.


Dr. James Salisbury invented this in 1897 and thought it was the healthiest thing you could eat.  I jazzed it up a bit.


In 1897, Dr. Salisbury thought this was the healthiest thing you could eat.


Chunks of pork tenderloin marinated in beer, brown sugar, bay leaves and other goodies - grilled to perfection and topped with Parmesan cheese.


Tender, pull-apart baby back ribs with a savory, crunchy topping.


Pan-cooked ham steaks in a red wine-red currant reduction sauce.


 I don't think I've tasted a better piece of lamb than this. It was so tasty, I snuck a leftover piece for breakfast.


A warm assortment of spices, seared onto chunks of pork over a bed of creamy rice.


An exclusive, inside look at a private Italian club celebrating Italian meat, culture and camaraderie - and a recipe for Fragapane Italian Sausage.


From the island of Tortola.  Lean, tasty and tender and only 6 ingredients


 The combination of juicy pork chops, sweet applesauce and sharp Cheddar cheese makes for a delicious Fall dinner.


Such a simple meat sauce, and yet my husband insisted I share this recipe.


A daring ham glaze that wakes up every tastebud in your mouth; salty ham, sweet cherry jam and fiery horseradish.


 This is a daring ham glaze that wakes up every tastebud in your mouth...Salty ham, sweet cherry jam and fiery horseradish.


Who knew those little dogs could be so tasty? Actually, I discovered a semi-soft light yellow cheese called Mexican Chihuahua Melting Cheese that is Mexico's version of a mozzar...


 Argentina is known for their grilled meats and this tasty parsley sauce is very traditional for steaks. Every household keeps an old wine bottle filled with it and every h...


Tender pork ribs smothered in a Chinese barbecue sauce that includes hoisin sauce, sherry and gingerroot.


A cowboy's dream dinner - made for some weird friends.


Perfect for fall! If you're not a lamb fan, almost any other kind of ground meat/poultry works; beef, pork, chicken, turkey, ham. Figure two stuffed halves per person if it's th...


A delicious pairing of ham and apples with the perfect spices.  Dinner in minutes!


Topped with a mustard sauce and Gruyere cheese.


Loin lamb chops with a crispy, coffee hazelnut crust, bathed in lemon-butter.


Drizzled with lemon butter.


Crispy breaded loin chops bathed in lemon-butter.


Braised in whiskey water and glazed in spiced cider vinegar.


An authentic cowboy recipe they enjoyed while on a cattle drive.


Flank steak, marinated in a lime-garlic Cuban Mojo sauce, grilled and thinly sliced.


I think he would enjoy this modern burger with his favorite ingredients.


People of Edinburgh, Scotland let me know what they think an Edinburger should be.


The people of Edinburger, Scotland let me know what they think should go on a burger.


My husband's latest invention.  So packed with flavor!


This is a very different way to fry up ham steaks - the combination of espresso and brown sugar is a delicious complement to salty ham.


I love Shishito peppers and boy, is this a great combination of flavors.


A family recipe for excellent slowly braised beef shank in vegetables, herbs and red wine. 


Turn a plain cheese pizza into something special.


Ham steaks fried in a little butter always taste good.  Because ham is salty, it is most often prepared with fruit or something sweet.  I decided instead to offset the...


A Hungarian Classic - Kebab-style (over buttered noodles) - and, a video visit of our time in Budapest.


A Hungarian classic - in kebab form.  Served over a bed of buttered noodles and topped with a sour cream-onion sauce.


A marinated, boneless leg of lamb marinated in tons of lemon, boatloads of garlic, oregano and white wine - then grilled to perfection.


A marinated, boneless leg of lamb marinated in tons of lemon, boatloads of garlic, oregano and white wine - then grilled to perfection.


Guinness-braised baby back ribs with a deep, rich chocolate bitters sauce.


Inspired by my daughter, Bailey.  Acorn squash stuffed with meat, tomatoes, onions and other goodies and roasted with a Parmesan crust.


With sun-dried tomato pesto and Provolone cheese.  Different and delicious!


Delicious breaded and pan-fried frog legs, Italian-style.


Bathed in bourbon and sear with a sugar crust.


An American classic, featuring French bread buns, Gruyere cheese, Poupon mustard and herbs de Provence.


A twist on an American classic - French bread buns, Gruyere cheese, Poupon mustard and herbs de Provence.


Ah. A little fancy French cooking with only 4 ingredients. This dish is popular in the little restaurants that dot the Loire River - and also in Provence.


We usually think about skewered hunks of beef for a classic shish kabob, but why not meatballs...everybody loves a meatball. Actually cultures like the Greeks and Turkish often ...


A simple and savory way to cook rabbit in a skillet.


...and then there's MY meatloaf.


...and then there's MY meatloaf.


Sloppy Joes without the slop.


All the flavors of a good Sloppy Joe in one very neat hamburger.


Pleasing to the palate.


Pan-fried Pepper Crusted Pork Medallions drizzled with Pomegranate Molasses


A pepper-crusted Boston Strip topped with a perfect compound butter.


 After I tried a pesto burger, I decided it would be difficult to eat a burger any other way.  It’s that good.  The taste of lean, cooked beef with the flav...


Grilled chops topped with a traditional Basque sauce featuring lots of peppers, tomatoes, garlic and other goodies.


Inspired by a chef in Burford, England.  Featuring fresh mint and malt vinegar.


Spicy mustard, sweet chutney and smoked Gouda make for a perfect sandwich.


A simple overnight marinade, and a flurry of spices seared onto the meat brings back great memories of Portugal.


A quick visit to the Douro Valley in Northern Portugal, a little partying with the locals and a savory roasted lamb with inspired buttery Port wine sauce.


A visit to the beautiful Douro Valley in Northern Portugal, a littlel partying with the locals, and a savory roasted lamb with a buttery Port Wine Sauce.


Broiled pork chops with a Mustard-Parmesan crust (and a funny name).

        Babyback ribs braised in beer and topped with a fantastic crust.


An explosion of flavor in your mouth.  Salty, peppery, sweet and spicy.  The best ham glaze ever.  Also, a special way to bake your ham.


A few ingredients, a ton of flavor.


Deep-fried bull testicles from Skip's Pour House in Carbondale, Colorado.


Pork loin rubs steeped in beer and vinegar, then finished off on the grill with an amazing dry rub mixture.


A classic, stuffed with bleu cheese.


Almond-Walnut Crusted Lamb Chops fried in butter and finished off in white wine.  Oh, and a kinda weird video..


Almond Walnut Crusted Lamb Chops set in a strange video.


A great dive bar on the remote side of St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands (featured twice in Esquire Magazine as one of the top 100 bars in the U.S.) shares their recipes for t...


Cowboys of the old West ate tons of beef and bison, loved onions (which they called skunk eggs) and drank lots of coffee (which they called Arbuckle's because it was the most po...


Grilled steak smothered in a pureed vegetable sauce.


Sometimes on a tropical island, you just need a steak - French-style.


The signature dish of this historic, world reknown restaurant:  A seasoned Boston Strip smothered in buttery mushrooms and a green chili sauce.


Grilled Boston Strips blanketed in a flavor-packed Spanish sauce featuring roasted bell peppers, toasted almonds and garlic.


From Northern Ireland - A surprised fan of Chow Time gets a surprise visit to show me his 'killer recipe for Chow Time'.


A simple dusting of three ingredients can enhance a plain old steak.


An outrageously delicious steak that you'd pay $48 for in a overpriced restaurant.  Sizzling hot and dripping with Sage-Garlic-Parmesan butter.


What I think a hot dog should be.


Robin's version of being on 'Chopped'.  A 3 minute ham steak dinner:  Clove-crusted fried ham topped with Black Pepper-Bourbon Apples.


Spicy ground sirloin topped with salsa and Mexican Chiwahwah cheese on a very long bun (serves 10-12).


 This version of pork ribs is similar to the way the cowboys would cook ribs while sitting around a campfire on the range. Its flavor will remind you of salt and vinegar po...


Fried peameal bacon, topped with Canadian aged cheddar, slathered with spicy mustard, all tucked into a soft bun.


Grilled lamb burgers with a sour cream-mint-cucumber sauce - just like we had in Utah.


Grilled lamb burgers with a sour cream-cucumber sauce just like we had in Utah.


Savory slow-cooked venison stew with potato dumplings.  Simply heavenly.


An every once-in-a-while treat for special occasions. Have your meat guy pound the veal steaks for you to save time.


with sherry and Parmesan cheese
This is a very different and delicious hamburger that's perfect to jazz up an ordinary cook-out.


Before the Civil War, Americans much preferred pork or chicken to beef. During the war, there was a shortage of pork and chicken, so we turned to beef and became a beef-loving n...


Live from Griechenbeisl, the oldest restaurant in Vienna, Austria!  Chef Mario Schneider prepares his mouth-watering version of the classic pan-fried beef dish, Zweibelrost...



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