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Delicious and healthy video recipes from Robin Check out some of our truly unique ideas, like bison burgers, quail eggs, mouth watering bruschetta, canellini dip, foie gras and triple pepper cajun shrimp.

Flaky two-bite pastries filled with spicy, nutty beef.  Probably the most popular hors d'oeuvre I serve.


One of the oldest recipes known to man.  Features stuffed dates, cinnamon honey and crushed almonds.


Warm, crunchy strips of Italian bread covered in Antipasto Butter.


Addicting as potato chips and a cinch to make.


Triple pepper square meatballs that will light up your mouth.  Serve with Sweet & Sour Tomato Chaser.


My daughter's addicting appetizer featuring sofrito and Spanish Manchego cheese.


Savory Scotch Eggs, baked instead of deep-fried, served warm with a dollop of mustard.


Toasted whole almonds in a not-too spicy coating to fill the nut dish when company comes.


Chunks of grilled tomatoes, seared with a tangy barbecue sauce.


A visit to the British island of Bermuda - and a beef-rum stuffed puff pastry triangle.


A visit to the British island of Bermuda - and beef-rum stuffed puff pastry triangles.


An addicting mixture of munchies that has a thousand uses...and vitamins and protein to boot.


Three ingredients, ten minutes, perfect with wine.


Three ingredients, ten minutes, perfect with red wine.


An easy, 3-ingredient recipe that goes perfectly with a glass of wine.


Traditional bruschetta from the hills of Tuscany in Italy involves toasting pieces of bread over a wood fire, then rubbing them with whole pieces of garlic, drizzling with extra...


A Southern U.S. inspired snack for when you're in a pickle for what to serve for a munchie.


Hunks of corn-off-the-cob dipped in a spicy mixture and fried.


Simple, refreshing and a hit at parties.


In the islands, where we use lemons, they use limes. On everything! These tasty grilled strips of chicken feature lots of lime zest and just enough cayenne to leave a nice, warm...


These paper-thin slices of marinated raw steak are very Italian and very gourmet. I'd had it in restaurants a couple of times, but only when my daughter requested it recently as...


Sort of like a food/art project.  A combination of cheeses with sherry and paprika and formed into carrots.


I've been tossing these out to company for 20 years, and they go like hotcakes.


An old family tradition.


Oven-roasted with Chinese spices and topped with a flavor-filled sauce.


A unique and fun way to serve shrimp cocktail (with an Asian mustard-soy dipping sauce).


Chinese Five Spice seasons this finger food that will disappear in minutes.


Chinese Five Spice seasons this simple finger food that will disappear in minutes.


Mexican-inspired flippers featuring mole sauce that has a little unsweetened chocolate in it to make a rich-tasting deep brown sauce.


From Denver, Colorado - My niece and her husband, Tim, have a Friday night tradition for happy hour:  an appetizer that features roasted pears and Prosciutto.


In a beautiful Aspen kitchen, two young girlfriends show me how to make this healthy, colorful, flavorful dip.


Crispy bite-sized pieces of oven roasted, breaded brown sugar bacon.  Great party food.  Makes 100, freezes well.


Lasagna noodles make great ‘bread’.


Crispy, tender shrimp in a delicious coconut batter that will disappear in minutes.


Crunchy, deep-fried spiral pasta dusted with an array of warm spices.


Breaded and fried until crispy on the outside, tender in the middle - with the perfect dip.


It is rare to find a gathering where there isn't cheese and crackers, a staple of entertaining...but, doesn't it seem that they're the one thing that there is always leftovers o...


Two delightful snacks from Ecuador.


With just a touch of blood, a nicely gross hors d’oeuvre.


This is a delicious, refreshing hors d'oeuvre that's a cinch to make.


Hilarious video of kids just being themselves.  Join me, along with Olivia and Abigail (ages 3 and 6) in their Aspen, Colorado kitchen as we prepare an appetizer with a sen...


Pan-fried Foie Gras with Brandied Peach


Crispy, seasoned, oven-roasted wings for a casual party.  A very funny video, a seriously good recipe.


My new favorite pizza.  Very different from a traditional American pizza.


Crispy, batter-coated sprigs.  Probably the only time you'll ever see parsley eaten on its own.


Tasty little nuggets of breaded alligator to impress your friends.


Healthy, crunchy, baked apple chips.  Only 2 ingredients!


Pureed cannellini beans with fresh tomato and cilantro.  The answer for those tired of hummus.


An addicting cheese that is made for grilling - or frying in a pan.  Add one ingredient and you have a delicious appetizer to serve with red wine.


The combination of sweet honey; salty, creamy Gorgonzola and chewy bagels is a winner for when company comes knocking.  And it’s only 3 ingredients.


An addicting nibble to have with a beer or a glass of wine.  (Two secret ingredients make it special).


Warm, eggy, puffy Spinach Balls - my favorite!  Make 75.


Individual baby-back ribs braised in apple cider and topped with an herbal Parmesan crust.  Great finger food!


In four minutes, you can make crispy, addicting crackers using fresh pasta.


Before the firing squad, I'd have this.


Very fancy Deviled Eggs stuffed with chunks of lobster and a dash of Sherry.


Inspired by the cookery of the Middle Ages - Pork meatballs with Roquefort cheese and currants with a Mustard-Almond-Cinnamon dipping sauce.


Buttery strips of avocado fried in a spicy panko mixture and dipped in a soothing salsa.


Exotic, savory appetizers for the grill.


Bite-sized Parmesan-garlic meatballs simmered in a spicy marmalade-raisin sauce.


A quail egg version of the classic Scotch Egg - wrapped in sausage, breaded and fried until golden.  Perfect for a party.


A roasted pepita (pumpkin seed) dip inspired by a trip to Merida, Mexico.


My 8-year old granddaughter invents a snack for her marshmallow-loving grandmother.


 So I had some big, beautiful Portabello mushrooms in the fridge and I also had some regular white button mushrooms and I decided to combine the two. Heaven for mushroom-lo...


An addicting cinnamony pecan treat for newbies in the kitchen.


Completely addicting (and healthy) baby soy beans tossed in a savory spice mixture.


Great crackers to serve with red wine! Two ingredients!


A delicious dip that's not hummus or guacamole.


 I've been on such a kebab kick this summer, especially when friends come over.  They're easy, look good, and you can make several kinds.  I use the 6" wooden ske...


 I love bagels. I love pesto. I love shrimp. Put them all together and you have a tasty, eat-with-your-hands hearty appetizer.


With Pesto and Shrimp
An elegant hors d'oeuvre with 3 ingredients.
Polenta is a staple of Northern Italy and is basically cornmeal mush, which can be served soft like...


A slightly different take on nachos for people who prefer potato chips - one of the finest products ever invented.


A wine-poached pistachio salmon filet with cucumber and radish scales.  Absolutely beautiful.  Absolutely delicious.


I like shrimip.  I like pretzels.  I like tempura.  Put it all together and you have one addicting recipe.


Three ingredients for a delicious spread, especially on pumpernickel.


Completely decadent warm potato chips blanketed with a creamy blue cheese sauce.


 Tapenade is 'The Salsa of Provence': a strong, filled-with-flavor mixture of black olives, capers and anchovies among other things. The French like to serve it spread on s...


From Carbondale, Colorado.  A little rodeo action, a cowboy bar, and something you probably don't prepare a lot.


Five ingredients and no baking!  My granddaughter Murphy and her giant St. Berdoodle steal the show.


Pasta you  can eat with your hands!  Perfect party food.


I'll take you to the most charming little restaurant in Belgrade, Serbia, where they serve their famous fried cheese.  Then, I'll show you my version.


Inspired by a charming restaurant in Belgrade, this is my version.


A miniature version of Egg Foo Yong for parties.


Artichoke bottoms make the perfect 'dish' to fill with shrimp and remoulade sauce.


A unique and impressive appetizer in about 3 1/2 minutes.


A simple, fancy hors d'oeuvre for small groups. You can also serve this as a complement to a main course for dinner.


A silent movie showing how to make killer popcorn.


An addicting, healthy snack from the Southern United States.


A tasty appetizer that takes just a few minutes to make.


Dried figs, stuffed with creamy Buffalo Mozzarella, wrapped in Prosciutto and grilled until crispy.


Dried figs, stuffed with Buffalo Mozzarella, wrapped in Prosciutto and grilled until crispy.


Elegant taste treats topped with chocolate walnuts.


My latest party food invention - salty, bitter and spicy.


Party food! Guy food! Football food!


A tribute to the world's most addicting snack - and how to make your own.


I just never get tired of tuna. This is easy and tasty for a summer party.


If you've never tried deep-fried saltines...


A great little appetizer where the cracker takes the spotlight.


The bold flavors of Provence - anchovies, olives, capers - with lightly sweetened roasted fries for dipping.


Ham-Wrapped Shrimp:
Fortune Shrimp - A real conversation piece:



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