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Delicious and healthy video recipes from Robin Check out some of our truly unique ideas, like bison burgers, quail eggs, mouth watering bruschetta, canellini dip, foie gras and triple pepper cajun shrimp.


Granddaughters Murphy (aged 9) and Delaney (aged 2) take over Chow Time and make a cake that's been in the family for four generations.


She shares her secret family recipe for cake-like cookies with sweet maple syrup icing.


It looks a lot like a pumpkin pie, but here's something a little different (apple butter: it's not just for toast anymore!).


An extra easy no-bake cake featuring chocolate-toffee Heath candy bars.


A chewy, chocolatey, coconuty, traditional Australian treat.


Coffee Ice Cream mounded on a cookie, covered in meringue and baked until golden.


Extra-moist banana bread with chocolate chips.  My first real recipe as a child.  I've never had reason to make another banana bread recipe!


Layers of real whipped cream, vanilla wafers and bananas (note there are only 3 ingredients) for a goes-down-way-too-easy splurge.


A soda fountain favorite between two toasted waffles.


Blackberries and raspberries smothered in Kahlua mascarpone whipped cream and topped with unsweetened chocolate.


I don't think there is a more elegant Sunday morning treat than a bowl of plump, deep purple blackberries kissed with a little sugar and a splash of rum, and topped with homemad...


Only 2 ingredients! Oh, how I love angelfood cake - so light and sweet - and the only cake that is naturally fat-free. We can thank the Pennsylvania Dutch for first inventing it...


A cinnamony, creamy dessert topped with whipped cream and toasted almonds inspired by a trip to Budapest.


Delicious cake bon-bons with a touch of bourbon.


A simple and delicious marriage of flavors.


Half cornbread, half cake - kind of like a pound cake with shades of cornbread, flavored with sweet butterscotch schnapps.

        Half cornbread, half cake, insanely moist.


Warm and wonderful with butterscotch whipped cream on top.


Just playing in the kitchen...


Cake so moist you can pick it up with the back of a fork - frosting so decadent it's hard to make another.


Cake so moist you can pick it up with the back of a fork.  Frosting so decadent it's hard to make another.


Spicy, sweet, salty, nutty - and completely addicting.


Warm pound cake with a crunchy Kahlua crust and vanilla ice cream.


Dried apple rings with a crunchy cinnamon coating.


Every year, I need my annual fix of candy corn.  With carrot cake being orange, I thought it was the perfect thing to pair with candy corn.


Try saying that fast three times.


Coffee Ice Cream with Fresh Cherries and Dark Chocolate Cashews.  No ice cream machine needed!


 They're chewy and crunchy at the same time, you don't even have to grease the cookie sheets, and have I mentioned there are only two ingredients??


Balls of smashed chocolate cake, enhanced with bourbon and walnuts, and dipped in chocolate.


Salt and chocolate.  Yes!


A deluxe version of Pecan Pie.  Like eating candy.


I love a good macaroon because they're easy to make and they're nice and light. They also freeze well.


Homemade puffs of eggy dough stuffed with a dark chocolate-ricotta filling.


Half candy, half cookie, is there any better combination than salt, dark chocolate and butter?  Only five ingredients for this irrisistible treat. 


For when you don’t have time to bake a pie.


Not being a lover of traditional apple pie, I came up with this recipe that even I kind of like.


For someone who doesn't like apple pie (like me), this ain't bad.


A blast from the past, enhanced.


Peanut butter-stuffed marshmallows dipped in dark chocolate.  Perfect for parties and people of all ages.


Homemade dark chocolate brownies infused with orange topped with an orange cream cheese frosting.


Inspired by the scenery of Western Ireland, this is the Irish version of S'Mores.


Inspired by the beautiful scenery of Western Ireland, I came up with the perfect Irish version of S'Mores.


Delightful squished up angel food cake balls dipped in white chocolate and sprinkled with coconut.


Delightful squished up angel food cake balls dipped in white chocolate and sprinkled with coconut.


Plump sugar cookies studded with roasted coffee beans.


Plump sugar cookies studded with roasted coffee beans.


Not COFFEE cake - Coffee CAKE.  A two-layer coffee-infused cake with a coffee buttercream frosting.


My favorite birthday cake.


Seemingly innocent cream cheese sugar cookies with a surprise at the end.


Extra moist and a great way to use up those aging bananas.


A dense and delicious combination of dark chocolate and salty cashews. 


A dense and delicious combination of dark chocolate and salty cashews.


A dense and delicious combination of dark chocolate and salty cashews


Long time French friend Dominique Blanchard shared her fantastic chocolate cake recipe with me - so rich, it doesn't need frosting.


My friend finally shares her recipe for the richest, creamiest flan in the world.


Peaches baked in cinnamon and spiced rum and topped with tons of brown-sugar oatmeal crumble (my favorite part).


Beautiful and impressive - and only three ingredients.


Thin and chewy with espresso and white chocolate.


Thin and chewy with espresso and white chocolate.


Thin and chewy with espresso and white chocolate.


A visit to a 14th century castle in Northern Ireland and an amazing pie using ingredients available at the time.


A 14th century castle in Northern Ireland was my inspiration to make a dessert using ingredients available at the time.


A pretty platter filled with pastel cream-filled puffs makes for a nice dessert on Easter. 


A holiday treat that helps use up the eggnog.


This is the birthday cake most often requested in my family. It's layers of thin chocolate wafers softened with real whipped cream - only 3 ingredients!


When a weird Greek friend invites you over to celebrate Bastille Day (French Independence Day – July 14th), you bring something weird.  French-Greek brownies feature ...


Thin, crunchy caramely cookies from Christmases past.


Wakes up every taste bud in your mouth.  No ice cream machine needed!


Wakes up every taste bud in your mouth.  Insanely good!


From a remote village in Northern Portugal, a local walnut cake recipe, enhanced with Port Wine Icing.


This is an elegant and unique sweet to put out for parties – I mean, really, when was the last time you had a kumquat?  A kumquat is a member of the citrus family and...


A pinwheel of yellow apple slices embedded in a rich custard pie.


During the Great Depression, they say every Grandmother in America made this for just about any occasion.


...with Caramel Sauce and Macadamia Nuts.


Hawaiian Salt Bark
Dark chocolate bark with macadamia nuts and gourmet salt. There is a designer salt called Hawaiian Red Alaea sea salt. If you Google it, there are many p...


A light and fluffy angelfood cake stuffed with plump blackberries and whipped cream and frosted with more whipped cream.  Fit for an angel!


Bright green, marshmallow holly sprigs with cinnamon berries.


Once in your lifetime, you should make these.


Fluffy white puffs of goodness.  Homemade are great!


A fun summer treat featuring grilled watermelon embedded with chocolate 'seeds' with a salty-spicy glaze.


A boring apple pie hidden within a buttery, molasses shoofly pie.


Only four ingredients make a delicious, chewy cookie that's practically healthy.  Finally, a recipe where tofu tastes good!


My friend Sonja Koning introduced me to this recipe and it's a winner.  As she says, the most difficult part of this recipe is opening up all those ice cream sandwiches.


Creamy and crunchy.  Much better than the rice pudding I grew up with!


When you want to impress.  And, there is no baking involved!


with Limoncello Mascarpone Cheese and Jam.  A unique dessert!


A fantastic way to use those blackening bananas.


Oatmeal meringue cookies with bits of dark chocolate.  Light as a feather, melt in your mouth, only six ingredients.  For both men and women eaters.


Oatmeal, chocolate chip, peanut butter, raisin, pecan..


Dense, spongy cake with lightly salted walnuts.


Refreshing, tart Lemon-Cranberry Italian Ice - only 4 ingredients.


Light and bright.


Light and bright.


Light and bright.


Much nicer than those giant wedges of too cream-cheesy ones.


Light as a feather, crispy and chewy, and only 5 ingredients.


A mouthful of flavors!  Chocolate, coconut, raspberries, orange, toasted almonds..and a secret ingredient that makes it very special.


Layers of flour tortillas filled with a creamy mocha filling and covered in whipped cream.


Extra moist with a milk chocolate shell - and this recipe makes one bundt and one loaf.


Inspired by the original Italian version, invented by monks. Almond
meringues dipped in dark chocolate.



A fun romp of a show featuring moist and chewy Espresso Oatmeal Muffins with Dates.


A 2 1/2 year old teaches me how to make a great ice cream-like treat (and it's healthy, at that).


Easy, no-bake old-fashioned rum balls.  Like I was not allowed to eat growing up.


Easy, no-bake old-fashioned rum balls.  Like I was not allowed to eat growing up.


A delightful fruit dessert with a couple of surprise ingredients


The way a fruitcake ought to be!  Studded with dried cherries, chocolate, nuts and rum - and frosted with white chocolate-cream cheese frosting.  Our family tradition ...


A delicious dessert for all ages.


Easy, delicious and beautiful.


Layers of cookies, strawberries, toasted coconut and fresh whipped cream.  Only 4 ingredients!


Arbuckle was known as 'the coffee that won the West'.  I came up with a custard pie that would make any cowboy very happy.


Just like my Dad told me not to eat too many of when I was young.


The most talked about food at your party.


Taking an everyday cookie and making it fancy, thanks to a friend.


A two minute stroll in Paris and a delicious inspired dessert.


A peach pie and a half!  With very little effort.


Melt-in-your-mouth puffs of peanut butter meringue.


Banana bread has a little competition.  Moist, delicious and a little different.


A lighter, airier version of brittle that's easy on the teeth.


 Once a year, Peeps hit the spot, especially when you leave them out on the counter until they get a little stale.  Here’s a gourmet recipe for Peep Freaks. But ...


Delicious way to use ripe plums before they go bad.


Even if you don't like sweet wine, this Port reduction sauce is amazing with ice cream.


A visit to the stone mountain village of Soajo, Portugal - and where I first had this delicious walnut cake.


A traditional rich walnut cake from Northern Portugal, enhanced with delicious Port Wine Icing.


An old recipe from my mother-in-law.  She described it as 'Great!!' and I heartily agree!


Raspberries, steeped in a brown sugar-butter balsamic Amaretto sauce.


A fantastic five ingredient sauce.  And I was in a bit of an odd mood when we filmed this...


Invented because it was about time fruitcake had chocolate, was missing those unidentifiable green and yellow chunks, and had a thick layer of decadent frosting.


A frozen treat for grown-ups.


A thin, rich, chewy cookie that tastes just like a brownie.


A totally sensual sweet!  Semi-sweet chocolate laced with cayenne pepper and topped with coarse sea salt.  Only three ingredients.


A perfect combination of peanut butter, dark chocolate and salt.


Silky sweet and decadent.


A new take on a classic American treat.


Buttery and crumbly, I learned how to make it from a Scottish bagpiper and his wife.


Huge raves for little effort. This is one of my favorite no-bake cakes for birthdays, impressing guests, or if I just feel like completely indulging in rich decadence.


A decadent dessert using the world's most popular candy bar.


...with a Brown Sugar Crust.  This is one spectacular pie!


..with a Brown Sugar Crust.  This is one spectacular pie!


The combination of strawberries and balsamic vinegar sounds like a weird combination to put over ice cream, but I thought it was delicious.


Farm fresh strawberries with a perfect three ingredient dip.


Sweet, farm-picked berries with the perfect Brie dip.


A moist chocolate-cinnamon-walnut sour cream coffee cake - so delicious that after Santa took one bite, he stayed and finished the whole thing and none of the children got their...


A really good sundae featuring sweet vanilla ice cream topped with harsh Kentucky bourbon, salty brown sugar pecans and unsweetened whipped cream.  The next best thing to a...


Layers of graham crackers made cake-like by whipped cream.


Extra moist - when you need a quickie dessert.


What a treat!  And here is my latest, favorite version.


A no-bake pie featuring bananas, coconut and lime.


Rich, sweet and easy!  Perfect with coffee for breakfast or ice cream for dessert.


What a conversation piece!  And they're great - part chewy, part crunchy and pretty to look at.


Irresistable nuggets of fun.


Irresistable nuggets of fun.


Perfect for kids or guys who don't cook and an impressive way to use three ingredients for a Valentine's Day treat.


Only food professionals should attempt this intimidating, yet delicious cake.


Super moist cake with a delicious, elegant frosting.


Super-moist cake with a delicious, elegant frosting.


The Classic French Lace Cookie, enhanced with white chocolate and sprinkles.  And an unforgettable visit from Santa.


The classic French Lace cookie, enhanced with white chocolate and sprinkles - and an unforgettable visit from Santa.


Throw a half dozen ingredients in a bowl, whip it in the oven, and you've got a rich, moist cake that doesn't even need frosting. This is a great 'traveler' recipe, too, because...


Traveling back in time a bit for a popular presidential goodie (featuring our antique amberola).


About four billion calories per square inch.  Chewy white chocolate brownies with espresso buttercream frosting.



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